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Herbert is an automation platform for horticulture.

Herbert provides environmental control for the amateur horticulturalist. Indoor gardening is just one possible application. The platform connects off-the-shelf devices with zone management and profiling tools.

Herbert supports monitoring, remote access, and control of your indoor grow with mobile-first interfaces and multiple control strategies. Back-end services may be hosted in the cloud or on-premises.

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Yankee Dental 2020

Metatooth went to Yankee Dental 2020 and here’s what we found.

3D Printing

Micron Dental was showing their P305 printer. This printer uses LCD technology as the light source. Micron claims less lens distortion issues with this technology over the SLA and DLP types. It is being sold as a bundle only, which includes a wash & cure station.

The P305 lacks the design flair of the Formlabs Form 3B  or SprintRay Pro. The exterior design would not effect performance, but it does limit access to the print plate, with a side door of just 18 inches. Compare this to the “hatch” approach provided by the other two vendors. Does this effect usability? Micron users please comment below!

Formlabs was present as well, showing the Form 3B. No new materials were shown. The hunt is still on for a printable clear aligner tray. Everyone seems happy to be selling model resin! Formlab’s PreForm software is free to download and use, which was news to Metatooth.

Finally, Great Lakes Dental Technologies showed an economy desktop LCD printer the UNIZ Slash Plus.

Dental CAD

Metatooth watched a demonstration of 3Shape‘s Bite Splint and Indirect Bonding modules. 3Shape’s design software is available stand-alone, at prices comparable to other stand-alone software. However, the yearly maintenance fees are required for the software to operate.

Look for 3Shape to support Polygon File Format (*.ply) in the near future. This will enable non-3Shape users of this data to receive the color information collected by TRIOS scanners. This would be a welcome addition to those supporting open standards and protocols in the dental industry.

Practice Management Software

There were a number of companies offering software products that worked with the leaders in practice management software. Hopefully more of these offerings will keep coming. Metatooth recommends software products that integrate using the vendor’s API, not via an understanding of the vendor’s database schema.

This market is quite regional, so for the Northeast, Metatooth considers these the market leaders.

  1. EagleSoft from Patterson Dental
  2. Dentrix from Henry Schein
  3. OpenDental

Relative newcomer carestack might be one to watch.


Artificial Intelligence vendors were centered around perio-charting assistance and some other voice-to-text tasks. BOLA.AI offered the most functionality. This area will continue to grow, especially as practice management systems (see above) move to the cloud and add API support.


Direct-to-consumer companies looking to add a clinical channel were present. quip was the most well known to Metatooth, but another toothbrush service — BURST — was also on the scene. Colgate, Oral-B, and the like had throngs at their booths. When does quip or BURST become an acquisition target?

There was also an anti-snoring device from Zyppah. This self-molding thermoform device is available directly from the company. A “dentist only” channel was being presented.

Metatooth had a great time at the vendor exhibition of Yankee Dental 2020. What did Metatooth miss? Tell us about it in the comments!

Yankee Dental 2020

Night guard market research

Bumping up this topic on night guard market research.  The survey is still open.  Are you a night guard user?  Please spare a few moments to answer the questions about your experience.

A funny thing happened as I worked on SEO last week.  I found a direct-to-consumer night guard that is using up-to-the-moment marketing practices.  It’s called Cheeky and it has a strong website and Instagram presence. The technology stack includes Shopify & the branding is just great.

Cheeky Website

It’s a subscription model, which has market traction.  How do I know this? I’ve done night guard market research. Take the survey! Results will be posted March 15th.


Night Guard Market

Hello and welcome back from Chicago or where ever you spent February Break.  Since December, I have been working as a technology consultant to dental companies, which in practice means contract software development.  It’s good work, I hope to share more about it soon. Until then, I am conducting a night guard market survey.

One analysis puts the US market for sleeping bruxism at $211 million [1].  Price for night guards vary, but one made from a dental impression sells for $80-$170 on e-shops including Amazon. Dentists charge upwards of $500 for this product. One-eighth of the population suffers from sleeping bruxism [2]. A night guard does not cure sleeping bruxism, but it does reduce the effect of night grinding.

custom night guard
A 3d-printed, custom, night guard.

I’ve been seeing a lot of promoted content on Instagram from SmileDirectClub, Candid Co., and Bytes.  Why not night guards? I’ve found four companies selling night guards direct-to-consumers, one in the UK.  So far, I haven’t seen promoted content from these companies, but many of them use Google Ads.

Do consumers desire another option for a custom night guard? What is lacking in the current offerings?  To help answer these questions about the night guard market, please take the survey. I will share the results on March 15th.

What do you think will be the most desired improvement? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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