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Hello and welcome back from Chicago or where ever you spent February Break.  Since December, I have been working as a technology consultant to dental companies, which in practice means contract software development.  It’s good work, I hope to share more about it soon. Until then, I am conducting a night guard market survey.

One analysis puts the US market for sleeping bruxism at $211 million [1].  Price for night guards vary, but one made from a dental impression sells for $80-$170 on e-shops including Amazon. Dentists charge upwards of $500 for this product. One-eighth of the population suffers from sleeping bruxism [2]. A night guard does not cure sleeping bruxism, but it does reduce the effect of night grinding.

custom night guard
A 3d-printed, custom, night guard.

I’ve been seeing a lot of promoted content on Instagram from SmileDirectClub, Candid Co., and Bytes.  Why not night guards? I’ve found four companies selling night guards direct-to-consumers, one in the UK.  So far, I haven’t seen promoted content from these companies, but many of them use Google Ads.

Do consumers desire another option for a custom night guard? What is lacking in the current offerings?  To help answer these questions about the night guard market, please take the survey. I will share the results on March 15th.

What do you think will be the most desired improvement? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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