Custom night guard survey results

Custom night guard survey results are in! The survey ran from Feb 15 – Mar 15, 2019. Sign up to the e-mail list to learn more about this survey.

Custom night guard survey results.
What could be improved about your custom night guard?

Are you a night guard user? Order your impression kit for a custom night guard today.

1. How often do you replace your night guard?
Every couple years19%
Once a year19%
2. Where did you go for a new one?
My dentist75%
Online shop13%
3. What did you enjoy about it?
The fit71%
The price36%
The fitting process14%
4. What could be improved?
Better fit31%
The price69%
Convenient fitting process31%
Easier to replace38%
5. How much did you pay for your night guard?
< $10031%
> $20063%
The take away

User needs an at-home impression kit. Availability of a replacement night guard on short-notice is appreciated. There are few options in the $100-$200 price range.

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