LightForce Orthodontics

LightForce™ Orthodontics is coming out of stealth mode.  They will be making waves at the American Academy of Orthodontics’ 2019 Annual Session. LightForce™ is the first true patient-specific orthodontic bracket made possible with recent advancements in 3D printing. Digital treatment planning plays a role too!  The key to shortened chair & treatment times will be the reduction in wire bending done by the orthodontist [1].

I am a bit amazed at the current state of orthodontic affairs.  Bending wires to move teeth in a multi-variable environment seems a little bit like trying to hit a fastball with a golf club. It works but it’s inefficient. In the future, patient-specific brackets, digital treatment plans, and indirect bonding trays will be the only way braces are prescribed. LightForce Orthodontics is doing it first.

Check out their website for additional information and further news. Congrats and good luck to the LightForce team!

What other specialties could use a 21st century update? Tell me about it in the comments!

  1. Effectiveness of Insignia™ Versus Standard Orthodontic Treatment with Damon Q Brackets.