The Most Amazing

The most amazing product I developed was a scan body & detection algorithm for dental implant procedures. The scan body’s design is patented[1] and the algorithm is proprietary.

scan body
Image © Dentsply Sirona

What is a scan body for dental implant procedures? It’s a device attached to a patient’s dental implant and recorded in a dental impression. The implant’s location with respect to the patient’s anatomy can then be determined from the impression. Knowing the location, a prosthetic tooth can be fabricated.

I developed the algorithm in an iterative way using well-known techniques. I also needed to collaborate with other software engineers who had a deeper knowledge of the domain. It was a C++ application built with CMake and deployed as part of a data processing pipeline. It did not have a 100% detection rate, but it served a vital business need.

The algorithm was part of a larger project that involved the design and supply of the device to clinicians. It was a cross-functional and trans-national team. A great challenge but one of the most amazing projects I’ve worked on, too.

This post inspired by the idea of being a “top 3%” developer in C++, thanks to toptal. What was your most amazing product or project? Tell me about it in the comments!