Design x Metatooth r10

Release 10 of Design x Metatooth is now available.

Design x Metatooth (pronounced “design by metatooth”) is a web-based 3D modeling application. Release 10 has now been published, check it out at

Release 10 adds Save functionality. Users may now save their work and reload using the retrieved URL. Try it for yourself! Please share your work with Metatooth and your feedback on the user experience. User documentation is below.

User Documentation

Resize your browser width to 1000 pixels or more to access the menu bar.

Throughout, you may adjust the zoom using your mouse’s scroll wheel or middle button. Use the buttons along the menu bar to switch modes or issue commands. The keyboard shortcut for the mode/command is displayed to the right of the button name.

Rotate View – Press r to return to this rotate view mode. Rotate with the primary (typically left) button.
Measure – Press m to switch to measure mode. Down-click and drag with the primary button to get the 2D or point-to-point distance between two locations on screen. Release the button to view the measurement. The measure tool can be reset any time within this mode. Switching to a different mode will remove the measure tool from the screen.
Pick – Press p to switch to the pick mode. Single click with the primary button to mark the intersection point below the cursor.
Draw – Press d to switch to the draw mode. Click and drag with the primary button to mark a line on the target mesh.
Save – When new annotations are present, the save command is available. Press s to save the plan. Refreshing the URL will clear the undo/redo history.
Undo – This command’s keyboard shortcut is z. Undo will remove the last object (pick point or line) made. Undo is available in Rotate View, Pick, and Draw modes.
Redo – This command’s keyboard shortcut is y. Redo will recover the last object removed by the undo command. Redo is available in Rotate View, Pick, and Draw modes.
Download – The download button in the upper right can be used to save the visible mesh to disk as a Binary STL file.

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