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Friday Links

Friday links to a collection of news items I’ve recently come across. Each is not enough for a full blog post, but maybe I can cobble one together! My own news at the bottom.

Here is another example of a 3d-printed implant this time for plastic surgery. It’s a 3d-printed breast implant which will start clinical trials in Germany by the end of year. It’s a resorbable structure that allows for the recipient’s own tissue to be used as the bio-mass, instead of silicon or polyurethane.

What’s the latest on SmileDirectClub? While anticipation of the initial public offering was high, it ended up being a big dud. The stock dropped again after their first earnings report. Note that the past quarter’s revenue was above expectations: $180MM vs $165MM. That seems like plenty of money!?  It’s definitely not if you spend $600MM. They remain on track to increase revenue 78% this year. SmileDirectClub (NASDAQ: SDC) has stumbled, but with the HP partnership and continuing consumer demand, it doesn’t seem like they are going away anytime soon.

Formlabs recently announced the Form 3B and are all in on dental with their dedicated business unit. The white case of the 3B is a nod to the desired clinical setting for these devices. This market needs advanced materials and Formlabs appears to be investing in their development, along with the creation of a support organization to differentiate themselves from other OEMs at this price point.

What’s the latest from Metatooth? The first printed night guards have been received!

Alien Milling is my manufacturing partner. There are still things for me to learn about digital workflows! Each participant has embraced digital platforms, but they don’t work together. A challenge and an opportunity.

Thanks for reading Friday links. What have you noticed in the news regarding dental, 3d-printing, and digital workflows? Tell me about it in the comments!

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