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Terry Lorber mentioned on IDT Weekly

Metatooth’s Terry Lorber is mentioned in Episode 26 of IDT Weekly. IDT Weekly highlights articles in the peer-reviewed Inside Dental Technology publication. IDT is a resource and learning tool for dental laboratory owners and managers. This month’s issue (July 2019) includes a Continuing Education article entitled “Does it Scale?”, by Terry Lorber.

The article covers a range of topics, from the mundane (for example, network topology) to the more philosophical (for example, lean manufacturing). The aim is provide concrete examples on a number of ways to bring the latest business technology to the dental lab. For inspiration, the author looks to examples from his experience in dental startups, where the growth expected by investors must be supported by robust and reliable information systems.

Need help with integrating dental & business technologies? Contact us to find out more. Do you have examples of scaling information systems for dental manufacturing? Tell me about it in the comments!


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