Custom Night Guard

A custom night guard is used to protect teeth from sleep bruxism, otherwise known as night-time teeth grinding. 1 in 10 adults suffer from teeth grinding. Symptoms include head & jaw pain, as well as damaged teeth.

custom night guard

Grinders have a couple options to protect their teeth & reduce head & jaw pain. Over-the-counter products at the pharmacy are convenient to purchase, but “boil and bite” style guards are bulky and uncomfortable. For a better fit, you can visit a dental office multiple times for a custom-made night guard. Ask your dentist about the benefits of a custom night guard at your next regular dental checkup.

Stop the Grind

A night guard can reduce the symptoms of sleep bruxism (Madani, et al., 2013). We will ship you an impression kit to use in the comfort and privacy of your home. Send back using the included shipping label. Then get relief with a custom night guard in 10 business days.

What is It?

occlusal splint

This night guard is made from an acrylic material. The material is listed by the FDA for use in medical devices and has been tested as biocompatible. Designed as a single piece 1.3mm hard night guard for comfortable over night use. Night guard is 3d-printed for near zero waste and all materials recycled when returned to Metatooth.

The Process

Metatooth customers take their own dental impression in the comfort and privacy of their home. Once returned –with the included shipping label– Metatooth uses 3D scanning & printing technology to deliver a custom-made product directly to you. This process saves you time and money, with superior fit and comfort.

Return product within 30 days for a full refund.

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“It was a very easy process … much more chill than going to the dentist!” — Devra D.

“The molding process was super simple and conveniently done in my own kitchen.” — Audrey Y.

All for One Price

  • Impression kit
  • Custom night guard
  • Case
  • All shipping & handling

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