Impression Kit Instructions

Before you take your at-home impression, be sure you carefully read all directions. You will need access to a sink, a clock/timer, and a clean working environment.

Brush your teeth, wash your hands & all impression trays, and set up your supplies. Check which impression tray best fits your upper arch by placing the impression tray in your upper arch, keeping your lips outside the tray. Your teeth should not be pressed against either side of the tray.

Put the other trays aside, you will not need these. You are now ready to follow the 12 easy steps to creating your upper arch impression.

Figure A

  1. Open all of the impression putty containers. Start a countdown timer for five minutes. (Fig. A)

Figure B

  1. For 30 seconds, use both hands to fold and mix together the two types of putties (2 blue + 2 white), like you would with clay or play dough. There should be no streaks when putty is well mixed. (Fig. B)

Figure C

  1. Roll mixed putty into a snake-like shape and place in your chosen impression tray. (Fig. C)
  2. Aim your incisors (front teeth) to bite the middle of the putty in the tray.
  3. Place your thumbs on the tray below your molars.
  4. Keeping your lips outside of the impression tray, press the impression tray against your upper teeth. 
  5. Press once, firmly, until the tray is stopped by your teeth.
  6. Do not press more than once!
  7. Wait for the remaining time (approx. 4 minutes)

Figure D

  1. After time has elapsed, remove the impression tray from your mouth. Release seal by pulling on the sides of the tray, not the front. (Fig. D)
  2. Rinse under faucet and place entire impression tray inside plastic bag.
  3. Repack all used and unused materials in the shipping box. Use enclosed shipping label to return to METATOOTH LLC via USPS.

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