Is this a soft, hard, or hybrid night guard?

This custom night guard is made from a hard plastic material. It is designed to be 1.3mm minimum thickness to smoothly cover all teeth. Dental professionals describe this as a flat plane occlusal splint. The night guard is designed for the upper arch only.

How long is it expected to last?

Safe wear depends on the severity of the bruxing (tooth grinding). Stop use and return to Metatooth LLC if the guard becomes cracked or worn.

Do I need a dentist for a custom night guard?

No. State laws vary, but you are free to take your own dental impression. Metatooth LLC is not a substitute for your dentist. If you experience tooth, jaw, or head pain, stop using all oral appliances and consult a state-licensed dentist.

Why is this night guard so affordable?

3d printing unlocks low manufacturing costs and direct-to-consumer sales reduces transaction fees.

Is it safe?

Yes! The custom night guard is made from material used in dental applications cleared by the FDA. Material Safety Data Sheet is available upon request.

Is this night guard suitable for children?

Customers must be 18 years old to purchase from Metatooth LLC.

Can it be worn during the day?

The shallow profile is designed to optimize overnight comfort.

What is the Environmental Impact?

Impression kit and night guard are safe for use following recommended instructions. Send back all materials from the impression kit for a low waste process. Bio-degradable materials used when possible. Metatooth LLC strives to be an eco-sustainable business.